Great project with green concept. It is not an easy job to lead a team of 500 employees for many years, and also work for the same goals. It must take a lot of efforts, strength, and leadership to create, design and implement this green building with limited time and finance.      In the issues of strengths in contingency theory, Northouse (2007) argues, contingency model “is predictive and therefore provides useful information about the type of leadership that is most likely to be effective in certain context” (p.117). From the results of the Least Preferred Coworker (LPC) scale and the descriptions of three features of a situation (e.g., leader-member relations, task structure, and position power), Northouse (2007) claims, “it is possible to determine the probability of success for a given person in a given situation” (p.117). In other words, contingency theory has predictive or analytical strength or power that other leadership approaches do not have, and in fact, as people always state: You cannot not communicate! Contingency theory is very significant in the learning of leadership theory and practice.


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